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Knowledge and Communication are Key to Your Landlord/Tenant Relationship

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The Colorado and Company Landlord/Tenant Handbook

Colorado and Company has created this handbook to help facilitate strong communication between our landlords and our tenants.  This guide is not a legal document and is meant as a courtesy to our clients. This is not a substitute for obtaining a lawyer’s advice should your situation merritt such advice. 

Please read all documents thoroughly prior to signing them and if you need any further assistance, contact your licensed leasing broker or these counseling services:
Tenant Landlord Counseling Services 303.237.0230 or Community Housing Services at 303.831.1935. --   Download the Full Handbook

Additional Helpful Resources:

* Colorado Provided Landlord Tenant Rights >
* Colorado State Web Portal >
* Denver City Web Portal >
* HUD Tenant Laws & Protections >
* Colorado Fair Housing Guidelines >
* Colorado Warranty of Habitability >
* State & County Dog Ordinances >

Useful Information:

Colorado Renters Guide - from Department of Local Affairs
Renter Info - from Zillow.com
USPS - Mail forwarding and address change 
Neighborhood Map- Detailed neighborhood map for Denver
Denver School District
Dog Breed Bans


Gas/Electric - XCEL - www.xcelenergy.com -  800.895.4999 
Water & Sewer - Denver Water & Sewer - www.denverwater.org - 303.893.2444 
Trash - Check your city - Denver County Covered by Taxes Call 311 for more info 
Recycling - www.denvergov.org/Recycling

Optional Utilities:

Comcast - www.comcast.com - 888.262.6300
Direct TV - www.directv.com 855.838.4388
Century Link - www.centurylink.com - 303.825.3434
Dish - www.dish.com - 877.484.8507
Security Central - www.securitycentralinc.com - 303.721.0111
ATD Security- www.adt.com - 855.989.5031