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Full Service Leasing

Full service leasing is our primary focus at Colorado & Company Real Estate (Co&Co). For a commission fee based on percentages, we will advertise and show your property, collect and process rental applications, prepare the lease and have it signed while collecting the deposit and first month's rent in exchange for the keys. Our agents are professional and experienced, and we aim to provide the most effective and reliable service available. Below is a breakdown of our leasing service in more detail. Keep in mind we are flexible with what services you need and how to provide them as it’s our goal to accommodate landlords in every way possible.

Marketing & Advertising

1. Advertising and showing: As your full service leasing agent, Co&Co will take professional photos and advertise your rental in a manner necessary and specific to your property. This includes marketing to the following websites:

  • (MLS for Licensed Brokers Only)
  • OTHER (Syndicates to 50+ websites)
  • Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter)

In addition, we will email flyers, provide a yard sign and post paper flyers when necessary to target a specific location. It should also be noted that we have a lot of potential renters calling and emailing and we are often able to rent a property to tenants who initially inquired about another property.
Every property listing has the agent’s direct contact phone and email for quick response to inquiries. Given the competitive rental market we are in, it is essential to be available to the potential renter standing in front of the house, calling during their lunch break or visiting a friend in the building. These callers will move on to the next property if they are not accommodated quickly. Our agents are usually available around the clock including evenings and weekends and as licensed real estate agents, we can assure the care and etiquette necessary with showing your property.

Collection & Application

2. Collecting and processing applications: Getting a clear picture of who a potential renter is and how they will perform as tenants is crucial and often overlooked. With signed applications and a deposit, Co&Co agents will do a comprehensive background search including credit, rental history, employment and criminal background checks. With the information obtained from the application as well the agents impression from meeting with the applicant, Co&Co agents can offer a valuable expert opinion on the whether or not the applicant should qualify for your property. Once the application has been processed, we will provide the information to you for review and final approval. If the application is acceptable we will prepare the lease.

Paperwork & Lease Preparation

3. Prepare the lease and have it signed, while collecting the balance of rent and the deposit: Once the application(s) are accepted, we will have the applicant(s) sign the lease. We can use a lease provided by the landlord or we can use our lease, which has been reviewed by our attorney. After the lease is prepared with the pertinent information, it will be presented to the landlord for approval prior to the applicant signing. Once the applicant has signed the lease, the original copy will be provided to the landlord to sign, keep and send a copy to Co&Co. In turn, Co&Co will provide a copy to the tenants. If the deposit and/or first month's rent are collected by Co&Co, we will include it with the lease as a check made out directly to the landlord from the tenant. Finally, if requested by the landlord, Co&Co will provide keys to the tenants and arrange for their move in.

Property Management

While we personally do not offer management services after placing a tenant we have partnered with many property managers and are more then happy to match you with an ideal property manager to suit you and your properties needs. 

Thank you for the opportunity to present our services!