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Selling and Buying is what you do - Leasing is what WE do!

Our Agent Loyalty Promise:

We know how hard it is to build and maintain a client relationship in the cutthroat world of Real Estate. As licensed Brokers ourselves, we respect that relationship and commit ourselves to helping you maintain your status as their go-to Sales Broker.  We do so by making sure to include you in our lease related correspondence, keeping your informed of dates and deadlines during the lease up, and making sure they know YOU are their sales agent.  We approach our deals with courtesy and a referral fee to you.  Working together, as a team, we will help build both of our business! 

For questions about our leasing and tenants services, please call us at 720-255-2294 or email us at 

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Landlord Services

Our landlord services are based on years of proven leasing services and a high-touch philosophy of service to our clients. Your landlord can expect: 

  • A comprehensive pricing strategy, based on the current market and competitive analysis
  • Quality marketing with professional photos, high internet exposure, and leasing network exposure
  • Professional and personalized showings of each property
  • A thorough vetting of possible tenants, with criminal checks, comprehensive financials, and landlord references. 
  • A comprehensive and compliant lease drafted by a top-notch Colorado law firm
  • Collection of the first month’s rent and any deposits 
  • Arrangement of final occupancy details with a personalized walk-through and photos
  • Landlord management consultation throughout the term of the lease  
Our Colorado and Company Leasing Inventory 

You and your clients can explore our large inventory of owner owned properties.   Appointments to see these properties are available upon request. 

Neighborhood Tours 

Should your client need less help navigating through inventory, but required a better grasp on the area they want to live, we can help them narrow their neighborhoods and show them around.