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Knowledge and Communication are Key to Your Landlord/Tenant Relationship

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Landlord and Tenant Handbook

NOTE: Read the lease and addendums thoroughly before submitting it with your signature.

Colorado and Company has created this handbook to help facilitate strong communication between our landlords and our tenants.  This guide is not a legal document and is meant as a courtesy to our clients. This is not a substitute for obtaining a lawyer’s advice should your situation merritt such advice.  --  Download the Full Handbook

Please read all documents thoroughly prior to signing them and if you need any further assistance, contact your licensed leasing broker or these counseling services:

Tenant Landlord Counseling Services 303.237.0230 or Community Housing Services at 303.831.1935. 


It is strongly recommended that an attempt be made by both tenants and landlords to initiate communication to work out differences before seeking outside help. If differences arise which the parties are not able to resolve, Mediation service via experienced neutral third party mediators is available to assist in resolving disputes between landlords and tenants or between roommates.

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