Up and Coming Neighborhoods

These neighborhoods are up-and-comers, with lots of different attractions within the community to offer.  They often boast of walkability, with parks, walking and biking trails, or easy access being a key feature. 

Alamo Placita

Bordered by busy boulevards just southeast of Downtown, Alamo Placita is a hidden gem of quiet, residential streets and parks. This small enclave includes mostly single-family homes, including turn-of-the-century Victorians and bungalows, many of which have been remodeled. Alamo Placita attracts young professionals who want quick access to Downtown as well as families and mature adults. If you’re looking for a peaceful neighborhood just minutes from everything, Alamo Placita is a fabulous option. 

Average Rental Rates
Single Family Homes $2800 - $4000 
Townhomes $2500 - $3200

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Santa Fe Arts District

Snuggled onto the southwest side of downtown Denver, this compact area is known for cultural diversity and, of course, an artsy vibe. Galleries dominate Santa Fe, with Mexican, Ethiopian and other ethnic eateries tucked in between. The housing here is dominated by smaller, older homes and duplexes, but many of these have been spectacularly updated. Santa Fe Arts District offers one of the more affordable single-family options adjacent to downtown.

Average Rental Rates
Single Family Homes $2000 - $3200
Condos $1200 - $2500

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Five Points / Curtis Park

Originally built to house the richest families in Denver in the late 1800s, this area became a cultural hub for Denver’s African American community throughout the 20th century. Today, the area is quite diverse, with trendy music venues, breweries and award-winning restaurants lining Welton Street. In Five Points and Curtis Park, original Victorian-style houses are flanked by brand-new modern condo buildings. Many of the older homes have been updated, but some are still ready for a modern makeover.

Average Rental Rates
Single Family Homes $2200 - $4000 
Townhomes $2000 - $3000
Condos $1500 - $2200

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RiNo & Taxi Districts

RiNo (Riverfront North) and the adjacent Taxi District is a quickly developing neighborhood with an artistic flair. Just a few years ago, this was a commercial warehouse district, but today you will find industrial buildings converted into breweries, tech businesses, art studios and lofts. Housing options also include brand-new townhomes with views of the mountains and city skyline. Industrial in spirit and execution, this is a hot, trendy neighborhood that offers quick access to I-70 and Downtown Denver.

Average Rental Rates
Townhomes $2000 - $3500
Condos $1500 - $2500

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Golden Triangle (Museum District)

The Golden Triangle’s renovation marked the beginning of Downtown Denver’s transition into a contemporary destination city. True to its name, the triangle shape of the area is flanked by Broadway, Speer and Downtown. Newer townhomes, apartments and condos abound, offering extensive rental options. Occasional historical homes exist, but most have been re-zoned for commercial use. The Denver Art Museum, high-end restaurants and luxury condos lend cachet to this neighborhood, but parts of it retain a slightly gritty, authentic urban character.

Average Rental Rates
Townhomes $2800 - $4000
Condos $1500 - $3500

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The Riverfront area adjacent to downtown Denver has enjoyed a revitalization over the past 15 years. Once home to warehouses and parking lots, the neighborhood is now home to a dense collection of upscale apartments and condo buildings. Riverfront is popular among young professionals and other urban-dwellers who enjoy the equally easy access to both downtown and the trails along the Platte River. 

Average Rental Rates:
Townhomes: $5000 - $7000
Condos: $1700 - $3500

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Downtown Denver

Downtown Denver is more vibrant than ever, with one of the country’s hottest restaurant scenes, trendy bars and clubs, central sports venues and a packed calendar of festivals and events. In short, if you enjoy the hustle and bustle of a modern, urban city, you’ll love living Downtown. Housing here is generally newer and upscale, ranging from modern high-rise apartments to rehabbed luxury lofts molded from historic warehouse buildings. Many residents walk or bike rather than drive, or they opt for a ride on the improving lightrail system. 

Average Rental Rates
Condos/Lofts/Apartments $2000 - $6000

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Uptown is ideal for the condo seeker who wants proximity to Downtown Denver but desires a bit more breathing room. Newer apartments buildings with amenities such as gyms and pools attract young professionals, and plenty of trendy bars and restaurants keep residents entertained. With sidewalks, parks and bike lanes, Uptown is ideal for joggers, cyclists and pet owners. In addition to apartments, housing here includes condos, townhomes and older homes, many of which are rentals.

Average Rental Rates
Single Family Homes $2500 - $3800
Townhomes $2200 - $3200
Condos $1300 - $2200 

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