Serene Neighborhoods

These neighborhoods are amongst the most quiet in Denver and often times offer a bit more privacy. Larger lots are often boasted, and trees are a must. With peaceful living being a key feature, these neighborhoods are often sought after.

Castle Pines

Castle Pines is a community nestled between Castle Rock and Highlands Ranch and features larger homes and gated communities. Luxury homes abound, and Castle Pines Golf Club/The Country Club Castle Pines (designed by Jack Nicklaus) all come together to create an exclusive community feel. 

Average Rental Rates
Single Family Homes $4500 - $7000 

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One of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods, Montclair is an architecture lovers’ dream, with plenty of historic homes in the Tudor and Queen Anne styles seated among mid-century ranches and cottages. The residential neighborhood is quiet and the homes well-kept, attracting mature residents who desire serenity within in the city. You won’t find much commerce in Montclair, but bustling Stapleton and Cherry Creek are just minutes away. 

Average Rental Rates: 
Single family homes $2200 - $3000

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Nestled between Lowry and Hilltop, the Crestmoor neighborhood has a good mix of single family properties ranging from smaller ranch style to larger custom homes. The area isn’t a shopping or dining destination but is adjacent to Cherry Creek hot spots. The real draw of Crestmoor is the large lots with sprawling backyards — very unusual for central Denver. 

Average Rental Rates: 
Single family homes $3000 - $6000

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Hilltop is an older yet upscale neighborhood located in between prosperous Cherry Creek and modern Lowry. The area has become very popular for larger, newly built houses and expansive remodeled homes. And, of course, we should mention the views afforded by its slightly higher elevation. Good schools and a tight-knit community round out the desirable qualities of Hilltop. 

Average Rental Rates: 
Single family homes $3,000 - $10,000
Condos $2,500-$3,000

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Denver Country Club

The Denver Country Club neighborhood is home to some of the largest estates and most luxurious homes in Denver. While adjacent to Cherry Creek North shops and restaurants, these homes are incredibly private, with mature trees and high walls maintaining the original “country” feel. This exclusive neighborhood is ideal for those seeking seclusion and splendor without sacrificing access to the all the city has to offer. 

Average Rental Rates
Single Family Homes $3500 - $10000 
Townhomes $2500 - $3500

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Polo Club

Large estates and multi-million dollar luxury homes dot the exclusive Polo Club Community a few miles southeast of Denver. The estates here boast expansive lots and stunning homes, most of which were built in the 1980s and 90s but have been impeccably updated throughout the years. This exclusive community is bounded by busy thoroughfares but has a secluded feel.

Average Rental Rates: 
Single family homes $5500 - $10000

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Superior / Louisville

On either side of Highway 36, these two towns, though close in proximity, have unique character. Superior is a newer community and is home to modern townhomes, large new builds and big-box and brand name stores. Louisville, on the other hand, has a cute downtown with local restaurants and shops that is surrounded by smaller homes, with townhome and condo communities a short distance away. 

Average Rental Rates
Single Family Homes $3000 - $8000
Townhomes $2000 - $3500
Condos $1500 - $3000

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