Rooted Communities

Established Neighborhoods often have historical elements and contain interesting architectural diversity.  They generally have small shopping districts, parks, and smaller “neighborhood” attractions. 

Park Hill

Park Hill is a stately, tree-lined neighborhood on the northeast side of Denver. Many of the homes here date to the early 1900s and range from sprawling Tudors to compact bungalows. You won’t find many multi-family buildings here, and the well-cared for houses are highly sought-after. Tucked here and there, you’ll find small pockets of retail and dining, often filled with longtime businesses that are beloved by Park Hill locals. 

Average Rental Rates: 
Single family homes $2200 - $7000
Townhomes $1200 - $2800

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One of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods, Montclair is an architecture lovers’ dream, with plenty of historic homes in the Tudor and Queen Anne styles seated among mid-century ranches and cottages. The residential neighborhood is quiet and the homes well-kept, attracting mature residents who desire serenity within in the city. You won’t find much commerce in Montclair, but bustling Stapleton and Cherry Creek are just minutes away. 

Average Rental Rates: 
Single family homes $2200 - $3000

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Nestled between Lowry and Hilltop, the Crestmoor neighborhood has a good mix of single family properties ranging from smaller ranch style to larger custom homes. The area isn’t a shopping or dining destination but is adjacent to Cherry Creek hot spots. The real draw of Crestmoor is the large lots with sprawling backyards — very unusual for central Denver. 

Average Rental Rates: 
Single family homes $3000 - $6000

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Hilltop is an older yet upscale neighborhood located in between prosperous Cherry Creek and modern Lowry. The area has become very popular for larger, newly built houses and expansive remodeled homes. And, of course, we should mention the views afforded by its slightly higher elevation. Good schools and a tight-knit community round out the desirable qualities of Hilltop. 

Average Rental Rates: 
Single family homes $3,000 - $10,000
Condos $2,500-$3,000

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Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek is one of Denver’s premier neighborhoods and has a mix of high-end housing, from condos, apartments and townhomes to larger new builds. Cherry Creek is bustling with retail and dining and is a destination for people living all across Denver. For those who live here, hot restaurants, galleries, bars and boutiques are steps away, yet most of the residential streets remain quiet and peaceful. The central location just a few miles from downtown is another perk to Cherry Creek living. 

Average Rental Rates:
Single Family Homes $4500 - $10,000
Townhomes $3800 - $5500 
Condos $2200 to $5500

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Congress Park / 7th Ave. Parkway

Congress Park is Capitol Hill’s slightly tidier, more mature counterpart. Residents here can walk to a small selection of neighborhood restaurants, coffee shops and bars and enjoy a quick commute to Downtown by bike, bus or car. Housing is dominated by well-maintained bungalows and older apartment buildings, and demographics here run the gamut from 20-something renters to older, longtime residents.

Average Rental Rates
Single Family Homes $2800 - $4500
Condos $2000 - $2800

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Highlands is just a few minutes from central Denver, but it feels like its own little downtown. The boutiques, bars and restaurants that line 32nd Avenue are somehow trendy yet timeless, making the area a popular destination for all of Denver. Of course, this style and convenience is attractive for residents, too, and the neighborhood is in high demand. A handful of new condo and apartment buildings grace Highland, but the inventory mostly consists of updated bungalows and Victorians.

Average Rental Rates:
Homes: $2500-$3500
Townhomes: $2200- $4500
Condos: $1700 - $3000

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Platt Park

To the south west side of Washington Park (Wash Park to the locals), this is a shopping and dining destination for many Denver residents. New scrapes, pop tops and remodeled older homes abound, with bungalow-style homes in abundance. Platt Park ordinances prevent high-rises from spoiling the small-town feel, so newer townhomes and small apartment buildings are the only multi-family residences. Old South Pearl is the highlight of the area, with beloved restaurants, boutiques and coffee shops intermixed with small office buildings. The lightrail offers an easy commute to Downtown or DTC. 

Average Rental Rates
Single Family Homes $2500 - $4500 
Townhomes $2500 - $3500

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Washington Park

Washington Park — Wash Park to the locals — is one of Denver’s most elite residential neighborhoods. Historic mansions line the neighborhood’s namesake park along with large new builds. The surrounding tree-lined streets are home to mostly remodeled bungalows, along with a few older yet upscale high-rise apartments and condos. South Gaylord Street includes several blocks of local boutiques and restaurants. The central feature is the park itself, with two lakes, expansive gardens and trails for running, walking and biking. But, don’t expect to have the park to yourself, as thousands of people from across Denver flock to Wash Park every week. 

Average Rental Rates
Single Family Homes $2500 - $5500 
Townhomes $3000 - $5000
Condos $1500 - $2800

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Bonnie Brae

Sitting to the east of Wash Park, Bonnie Brae is another highly desirable neighborhood. The winding streets are lined with mature trees, and homes are beautifully maintained. Most of the original 1940s and 50s homes have either been updated or scraped to make room for multi-million dollar luxury homes.  As one of the smaller neighborhoods in Denver, boasting only about 700 homes, Bonnie Brae has exclusive feel with urban access. 

Average Rental Rates
Single Family Homes $3500 - $6000

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Denver Country Club

The Denver Country Club neighborhood is home to some of the largest estates and most luxurious homes in Denver. While adjacent to Cherry Creek North shops and restaurants, these homes are incredibly private, with mature trees and high walls maintaining the original “country” feel. This exclusive neighborhood is ideal for those seeking seclusion and splendor without sacrificing access to the all the city has to offer. 

Average Rental Rates
Single Family Homes $3500 - $10000 
Townhomes $2500 - $3500

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Belcaro / Stokes

One of the secret jewel neighborhoods in central Denver is Belcaro and Stokes. Belcaro is notable for its lovely, winding streets and peaceful atmosphere. Homes are primarily ranches situated on large lots, although some of these are being replaced by modern new builds. The neighborhood is close to Cherry Creek and is a reasonable commuting distance to both Downtown and the Tech Center. 

Average Rental Rates
Single Family Homes: $2800 - $5000

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