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Why Join Colorado and Company?

You'll be part of a small, tightly-knit team based in the central neighborhood of Denver. Free of big-company politics, we encourage the independence of you paving your way to be as successful as you desire. you can help make our services extra special that will affect people in the real world. You can share and learn from phenomenally talented colleagues. At Colorado and Company, we are a family and support each other both personally and professionally. If you're an experienced agent and would like to join our team, this may be the perfect time. We are the leading company in the leasing community and are growing stronger everyday. What's more, we offer you the best commission package compared to any competitive company.

  1. A legacy of representing luxury properties
  2. Most in-depth legal paperwork
  3. Locally owned, bureaucracy-free management
  4. IT support
  5. High quality marketing materials for support and sales
  6. Community activism
  7. Management support: Savvy advice and career support
  8. Camaraderie
  9. Competitive compensation
  10. Fun

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What Our Agents are Saying:

“I began my real estate and leasing career at Colorado & Company in Spring of 2008. Reputation is exceedingly important to me and in my mind Co & Co is the best. I feel I have always been treated fairly and with respect. When I have questions or issues I know I can always count on the management to help me resolve them. There aren't a lot of "prima donnas" at Co & Co. The culture encourages cooperation and support of one another, something that is very important to me. Sometimes it feels like a jungle out there --- so knowing I don't have to deal with that sort of energy in my own office means a lot. I have been very happy at Co & Co and would not consider working anywhere else.”

Colorado & Company is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion, as well as non-discrimination in employment. All qualified applicants receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, veteran status, disability unrelated to performing the essential task of the job or other legally protected categories. All persons shall be afforded equal employment opportunity.